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Amarant Design & Build Centers can develop your project from concept through completion. And our services can help in other ways...


If you already have your plans drawn and contractor selected, Amarant Design & Build Centers can provide you with competitive pricing on all your finishes including cabinets, plumbing, electrical, flooring and counter tops.
If you are a "Do-it-Yourself-er", Amarant Design & Build Centers can assist you in the designs, layouts and selection of all your finishes, including designing to your budget. All at competitive pricing.
Our exclusive "Concierge Service" provides the client with full architectural designs, engineered drawings, permit acquisition, ProNarrative© and ProLip© Spreadsheets, including full specifications that will include precise budgets and guaranteed completion and performance dates. 




For every project there is a reason….and all projects begin as an idea. It may have been stirred by a long time desire, a dream or perhaps a vision. The idea may have come from a magazine, a TV show or even a friend’s house. Whatever it was that got you thinking about creating a new environment it was first conceived as your idea.

So now that you have an idea of what you like and what you want, how do you turn it into a reality?

A. Drawing Your Dream

Even before you consult a designer, you can begin by collecting pictures from design magazines or even sketching out your ideas. Just sit back close your eyes and imagine yourself inside the remodeled space. Think about how the space will be used and how the changes will affect your daily life. Be sure to consider the different traffic patterns. If you are adding square footage, consider how the new construction will affect the overall experience of your home. An oversized addition may overwhelm your house. It is important to blend the aspects of the old and new and also avoid crowding your lot. We use a computer design software program called Chief Architect. They also sell a scaled down version from Better Homes and Gardens called Home Designer which you can purchase for less than $100. This will greatly help you visualize your project. The information you enter into the program can be uploaded to our software, saving time and money. The website is


B. Be Realistic
Misaligned expectations are the number one reason projects become frustrating and relationships between the home owner and the contractor fail. It is important to have a clear and concise understanding of what you want and what you are paying for. Our methodology incorporates a clear and exact understanding of what is included in your contract. You may be able to read and interpret blue print drawings, but the vast majority will only understand a modest bit of the information presented. Be sure you know what you want and get it in writing you can understand.


C. Think Ahead
Although you may dream of having a spacious new addition, the project may not make sense if you plan to sell your house in a few years. A luxury bathroom can price your house beyond the values in your neighborhood. Some projects, such as vinyl siding on a Queen Anne Victorian, will actually decrease the value of your home. Moreover, your own family's needs may be very different in a few years. Will the plans you draw today fit your future? These are viable concerns and it takes experience to help you determine your best choices.

Our practice includes the buying, improving and selling of real estate. Through the years we have developed a multitude of properties. We make it a point to discuss the ROI (return on investment) and the growing needs of your family. We want to become a trusted advisor as well as your design and build firm. Therefore, we are in touch with market values and will assist you in determining what kind of impact your investment may have on the re-sale value of your home.


D. Count Your Money
Even the best-laid budgets can go bust. Chances are, your remodeling project will cost more than you expect. Before you set your heart on high-end ceramic tile, find out how much you have to spend and make sure you have a cushion against cost overruns. For must-have items that could wipe out your savings account, explore home improvement loans and other financing options.


With our fundamental line item pricing, we help you to specify your selections and establish a realistic budget before we begin building. With a fixed bid contract and a well defined Project Narrative, you will actually feel more comfortable make financial decisions during the course of construction knowing full well what the extent of the budget is.


E. Choose your team
Unless you plan to take on the entire remodeling project by yourself, you'll need to hire help. Naturally, you'll want to make sure that the folks who work for you are qualified, licensed, and properly insured. But, finding the best team for your remodeling project goes beyond a simple reference check. The architect or designer who has won top awards may have a design vision very different from your own.

We make listening a priority and one of our most important responsibilities. We want to design and build what you want. Our overall goal is to assist and guide you into and through a realistic project. Our system and methodology will help remove the frustration, increase your confidence and make a clear pathway to a successful outcome. We will deliver the dream.


F. Negotiate a Contract
Whether you plan a simple carpentry job or a major project requiring the services of a designer and a general contractor, misunderstandings can lead to disaster. Do not begin remodeling without a written contract. Make sure everyone agrees on the work that will be completed and how long it will take.

With our formulated approach, we will clearly define each and every selection you will have to make. Our Project Narrative explains in layman’s terms what is and isn’t included in the project contract.

Each category in our Project Narrative relates to a line item on the Detailed Project Cost sheet. Not only will you be assured of what brand and model of sink you are getting, but how much you are paying for it as well.


G. Get Permission
In most parts of our world, a legal permit is required before you make structural changes to your home. The building permit assures that the remodeling project meets local building codes and safety regulations. If you live in a historic district, the permit also assures that exterior changes to your home are in keeping with neighborhood guidelines. General contractors will usually take care of the paperwork, but small time workers may not... and the permits become your responsibility.

Most municipalities require drawings to be submitted and approved. This can be a daunting challenge to someone who doesn’t have the experience. There are code compliance issues, Title 24 worksheets along with possible structural details and calculations all required to be presented by licensed professionals.

Our designs and contracts take all of the above into consideration and produce the most cost affective approach.


H. Anticipate Bumps and Hic-cups
The larger the remodeling project, the greater the chances for unforeseen circumstances to arise. There can be equipment breakdowns, supply shortages, products shipped in mismarked boxes, and numerous other potential delays.

As our team begins to build your project, small disruptions are sure to occur. Be assured that we will do our best to be pro-active and to anticipate as many quirks and quakes as we can along the way (see The Relationship below).


I. Rules of Engagement
It is always a good idea to include in our contract, a few friendly rules for our workmen. We will establish where they may park their trucks and store their equipment. We will determine how we can best work around you and your family. We may urge you to relocate during the entire process or perhaps just for a few days. Remodeling can be the test of a good marriage! Making lots of decisions can be overwhelming. We do suggest that you plan for ways to indulge yourself when times become trying. Schedule a day at a spa and reserve a night at a romantic bed and breakfast inn. Go ahead, you deserve it!


J. The Relationship
Trust between the client, the contractor and the crew is paramount. For the employees of Amarant, trust is the foundation of the bridge between us. A lot of elements are moving all at once during a construction project, we need your trust to allow us to lead and guide you through the experience as quickly as we can. Trust will help keep a project on track and on target. Our Detailed Project Cost sheet and Project Narratives are aimed directly at the heart of establishing trust by helping you decide exactly what you want and what it will cost.

So how do we develop trust? Faith is a form of trust.

Usually the beginning of a relationship is started by having faith in one’s own ability to make a reasonable choice and assessment of which firm to become involved with. Then, once results begin to appear, the belief in that firm’s ability emerges. There is hope for a good outcome. As expectations are fulfilled, a confidence begins to grow. Soon a conviction that you have made the right choice will surface which will develop into a reliance on the crew’s actions, directions or words. Finally a sense of dependence or trust flourishes.

Trust is established with good, clear and honest communication. Right from the beginning of our relationship the staff at Amarant will make every effort to keep you well informed. We will not hesitate to put you first and keep you fully advised on what is best for you and your family.


We look forward to building your project and a lifelong relationship as well!!

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